Caravan Appliqué Free Pattern and Tutorial

I love appliqués in embroidery hoops hanging on a wall. Earlier this year I framed some of my found embroidery pieces and I wanted to make a few applique pieces to compliment them. This is the first applique pattern I have developed, and I have some more in the pipeline.


  • A4 sheets of felt in various complimentary colours (I used 100% wool felt for the caravan applique in the images)
  • Cotton scraps
  • 2 buttons for the wheel and the door handle
  • White base cotton 14 x 14 inches / 356 x 365 mm
  • Medium weight interfacing 14 x 14 inches / 356 x 365 mm
  • Bondaweb for fusing the applique parts to the white background.
  • White machine thread
  • Optional: Small amount of lace to run along the middle of the caravan


  • 10” Embroidery hoop
  • Sewing machine with the zig zag stitch enabled
  • Printer
  • Scissors

Download and print out the templates below

Pattern Template 1

Pattern Template 2

Optional: Colour in Caravan sheet for junior crafter.


How to make:

  •  Print out the templates and cut out all of the individual pieces.
  • Decide on what colour combination you want for your finished piece and cut out each of the pieces from either the felt or the cotton.
  • Cut out a piece of Bondaweb for each piece as well.

How to use Bondaweb:

  • Place the rough side of the Bondaweb down onto the wrong side of the cotton or felt.
  • Using a hot, dry iron fuse together.
  • Leave aside until it is cool.
  • When cooled peel away the paper, leaving the fusible webbing on the cotton.

Note: Pay special attention to the bunting template and only cut out along the dotted line. You will be cutting out this entire piece as it makes it easier to do cut the actual smaller pieces after the rectangle has been fused to the Bondaweb.

  • Fuse the medium weight interfacing to the wrong side of the cotton and leave to cool.
  • When all of the pieces are cool, back to the ironing board.
  • Place all of the caravan pieces onto the right side of the white cotton, making sure they all fit together and are in the centre of the material.
  • At this stage you will also have cut down the initial bunting rectangle into its actual bunting shape.
  • Check to see that they fit inside the embroidery hoop that you have.
  • One piece at a time, peel away the backing paper and fuse in place onto the white cotton.
  • Leave to cool.

Caravan Appliqué Free Pattern and Tutorial

  • Take the piece to the sewing machine and run a ziz zag stitch around all of the edges
  • Sew the two buttons in position.

Caravan Appliqué Free Pattern and Tutorial

Caravan Appliqué Free Pattern and Tutorial

  • Place and position in the embroidery hoop, tighten and secure in place. If you want you can run a small amount of glue on the inside hoop where the fabric touches to further secure in place.
  • Trim away the excess material and the piece is complete.


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