Chloe Tells You How To Sew is the second book by author Chloe Owens. A self professed modern day hippie, Chloe has combined her love of vintage fabrics and 1960s children’s comics to bring us a jam packed sewing and craft annual. Featuring over 30 projects to make, do and sew whilst introducing us to the quirky characters she has created.

Chloe tells you how to sew

My favourite projects are Thrifty Thelma and Woolly the Lamb upcycle a chair. Thrifty Thelma, one of Chloe’s graphic characters I have to say rocks, as I love upcycling, and upcycled chairs in particular.

Chloe tells you how to sew

Next up the Cockney Sparrow makes a dickory dock, using an embroidery hoop the Cockney Sparrow, hehe, makes a felt flower wreath, complete with a heart centre to keep him on time. The tutorials are easy to follow, and easy to sew, this one in particular looks great finished and has limited sewing and gluing.

Chloe tells you how to sew

Finally, but by no means least, Thrifty Thelma and Woolly the Lamb are back showing everyone how to upcycle a lampshade, again putting the glue gun through its paces to create a quirky visual feast, yet practical lampshade.

On a personal note, I could love to see Thrifty Thelma and Woolly the Lamb have their own animated show upcycling retro inspired furniture pieces, I for one would definitely tune in 🙂

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