Fairy Doll No Sew

Fairy Doll No Sew

Quick and easy to make our latest fairy doll no sew tutorial is here. This fairy doll is easy to customise once the main section has been made, the possibilities are endless.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Tools & Materials:

  • Two colours of yarn (for this tutorial I used cream aran weight wool & pink cotton yarn)
  • Small piece of lace
  • Skeleton leaves small & large (5 in total)
  • 1 small paper flower
  • Butterfly (not in the picture, see finished image)
  • Scissors
  • Glue & glue gun
  • 1 A5 sided note book, used for wrapping the yarn around

Fairy Doll No Sew

To Make:

Wrap the cream yarn lenghtways around the A5 notebook 60 times.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Cut at one end with the scissors.

Leave aside.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Repeat with the pink yarn, wrapping 30 times around the notebook.

Cut and leave aside.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Cut off a piece of the cream yarn.

Place the folded sections of the cut yarn alongside each other and slide the pre cut piece of cream yarn around both of them. (see image below)

Fairy Doll No Sew

Pull tight and knot the yarn, attaching the pink and cream yarn together.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Cut off another piece of cream yarn.

Tie this piece of yarn around the cream section only approximately 1 1/2″ down from the pink yarn. This creates the fairy doll’s head, the pink yarn then becomes her hair. (see image below)

Fairy Doll No Sew

Arrange the hair over the back of the fairy doll’s head and place on the worktable in front of you.

Seperate out 18 strands of yarn evenly from the left and the right of the fairy doll’s body. This will be used to make the arms.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Separate each arm section into 3 sections of 6 strands and plait about 3/4 way down the yarn, or until you think the arm looks long enough.

Wrap  a strand of the yarn around itself and knot to secure the base of the arm.

Repeat on the second arm.

Cut off another piece of the cream yarn, this time a long piece as per the image below.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Wrap the cut yarn around the section below the head, across the arms and down to the waist area.

Cut off 2 pieces of pink yarn and wrap around the end of each of the arm sections, knot to finish.

Cut away any excess yarn to finish the arms off.

(See image below)

Fairy Doll No Sew

Cut 2 pieces of the pink yarn.

Slip 1 strand through 1 strand of the cream yarn toward the left side of the head section, approximately where the eye should be. Tie 2 knots and snip off the excess yarn.

Repeat on the 2nd eye.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Fairy Doll No Sew

Using the glue gun, attach 2 of the smaller feathers and the paper flower to the head of the fairy doll.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Glue the remaining 3 feathers onto the front of the dress at the point of the waist.

Wrap the lace around the waist and glue in place at the back of the fairy doll.

Fairy Doll No Sew

Finally glue the butterfly onto one of the fairy doll’s hands.

Fairy Doll No Sew

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