fairy snuggle bug

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Fairy Snuggle Bug


  • Green & white felt pieces large enough for each pattern piece
  • White, pink & light green embroidery thread/floss
  • Polyester craft filler


  • Paper & fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Pencil or tailor chalk pencil
  • Printer & paper

How to make:

Download and print pattern on an A4 sheet at 100% click here

Cut out the paper pattern pieces with the paper scissors.

Pin or hold each pattern to the felt pieces, 1 x front of the snuggle, 1 x back of the snuggle, 4 x leaves and 2 x bug body. Cut out the felt pieces.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Following where the pattern is outlined on the front of the snuggle, work 3 lazy daisy flowers with 3 strands of the pink embroidery thread/floss.

lazy daisy stitch

Work a back stitch using 3 strands of the green embroidery thread/floss to create the stems of the daisy flowers.

Back Stitch

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Work a blanket stitch, again using 3 strands of the pink embroidery thread floss along the top of the snuggle.

Blanket Stitch

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Place the front and the back of the snuggle together, right side of the snuggle facing you and work a blanket stitch around the entire edge if the snuggle, using 3 strands of the pink embroidery thread/floss.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Transfer the fairy snuggle bug eye detail with a pencil of tailor chalk pencil and sew in the detail with three strands of the green embroidery thread/floss.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Whip stitch around the circumference of the fairy snuggle bug, using 2 strands of the white embroidery thread floss.


Fairy Snuggle Bug

Leave a small area unsewn for stuffing.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Stuff the fairy snuggle bug lightly and continue sewing the opening closed.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Finally sew the 4 leaves in place as shown in the image below.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

Place your fairy bug inside their cozy snuggle.

Fairy Snuggle Bug

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