Yeah, so happy to be involved with Sew a Softie, again this year, a big thank you to Trixi for organising the event. Happy Penguin is my latest free Softie Pattern, quick and easy to hand sew together. – A selection of the Sew a Softie projects I have worked on over the years is linked at the bottom of this tutorial. Happy Sewing xxx.


  • Scissors (paper & material)
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • A4 Paper & printer for the pattern (see the link below)


  • Black, white & yellow felt (see the pattern pieces for the sizes)
  • Black, white & yellow embroidery thread/floss
  • Craft filler

To Make:

Download and print out the Happy Penguin Sewing Pattern on A4 paper at 100%

Click here for a guide to all the stitches used in this project.

Cut out all of the pieces listed on the pattern in felt. You will have 2 white eyes, 2 black eyes, 1 nose, 1 belly section, 2 main body and 2 sets of feet.

Separate out the front and back main body sections and lay the nose, eyes and belly section to match the penguin graphic.

Whip stitch appliqué the nose onto the main body using 2 strands of the yellow embroidery thread/floss.

Whip stitch appliqué the black centre eye onto the white felt circle using 2 strands of the black embroidery thread/floss. (repeat on the second eye)

Whip stitch appliqué the eye in position over the corner of the nose using 2 strands of the white embroidery thread/floss.

Whip stitch appliqué the belly section in position using 2 strands of the white embroidery thread/floss.

Whip stitch the feet together using 2 strands of the yellow embroidery thread/floss. Fill with a small amount of craft and finish stitching the feet all the way around.

Place the two sides of the body together, rights sides facing out and whip stitch around the circumference of the body using 2 strands of black embroidery thread/floss. Leaving a space at the bottom for stuffing with craft filler. Make sure the space is big enough to fit the two feet in position.

Once you have the penguin stuffed, fit the feet in place and whip stitch in place along the back and the front of the feet.

To make a bigger Happy Penguin the pattern can be enlarged to A3.

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