How to make a cute colouring book softie.


  • Small section of white cotton, this can be recycled cut-offs from sheets or pillowcases).
  • Felt – Colour and size will depend on the colouring book character you choose.
  • Polyester stuffing – doll or softie filler, this is available from your local haberdashery shop.
  • Fabric markers or fabric pastels
  • Machine sewing thread (black)

Colouring book softie how to make


  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Sellotape


Choose an image from the colouring book to translate into a 3D Softie. When choosing an image or character try to pick one with as smooth an outline as possible, if you choose a character for example an octopus turning all of the tentacles will be difficult. Remove the page from the colouring book. The colouring book in the image above has perforated pages.

Colouring book softie how to make

Cut out the amount of white cotton necessary to cover the page area you are going to trace from, this will include the image and the white space around the image.

Iron the cotton to make sure the fabric lays flat, cover the image and Sellotape the cotton in place onto the paper.

Colouring book softie how to make

Using a black fabric marker trace the outline of the chosen image and fill in all of the detail. Colour in the image with the rest of the fabric markers.

Note: The fabric markers I used need to be fixed to the fabric by covering with a sheet of paper and ironing, different markers have different instructions, please read each brand for details on how to fix the colour in place.

Colouring book softie how to make

Remove the fabric from the paper. The image can be stored to use again. Fix the image to the fabric (see note above).

Colouring book softie how to make

Choosing the felt, you will need the same size of felt as the cotton used, the colour will depend on the image.

Colouring book softie how to make

Place the right side of the fabric onto the felt and pin in place, pinning in the white space around the image. Trim the fabric around the image to allow for it to be easier to  machine sew.

Colouring book softie how to make

Optional: at this point you could tack the fabric to the cotton.

Following the black outline of the image machine sew around the outline of the image.

Note: Make sure to leave a small space at the base of the image to allow for the softie to be turned right side out.