Lazy Daisy Stitch:

  • Thread the needle and place a knot at the base of the thread.
  • Insert the needle through the back of the fabric and pull through until the knot is securely in place.
  • Insert the needle back close to where the knot is positioned and picking up a small amount of fabric, run the needle’s point up through the front of the fabric.
  • The needle will now be sitting with a piece of fabric over it, wrap the thread coming from the material around the needle and pull the needle all the way through.
  • To anchor the individual stitch take the thread back over the top of the loop and into the fabric.
  • This will create the first lazy chain stitch.
  • To continue work the same stitch as before, just to the side of the flower, working your way around in a circle.
  • Continue until you have the desired amount of lazy daisy pedals.
  • Pull the needle through to the back of the fabric and back sew over the last stitch a couple of times to secure.
  • Snip off thread.

lazy daisy stitch

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