Organic Muslin tea & infusion bags – how to make

Materials per bag:

  • 2 squares of 4″ x 4″/10 cm x 10 cm organic muslin material. (click here for an online shop stocking organic muslin & thread)
  • Organic cotton machine thread
  • Twine
  • Card for the label
  • Tea & infusion herbs for the bags, I used mint, black tea & lavender, and camomile.



  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Paper punch to make a hole in the label
  • Funnel

How to Make: (French seam)

Machine-sew along 3 sides of the muslin square, as close as possible to the edge.


Trim away any excess material, making sure not to cut through the machine sewing.


Turn the bag inside out, making sure the seams are flat.


Machine sew along the same three sides again enclosing the original seam inside the new seam.


Turn the bag right side out.


Using a funnel, fill the bags ¾ full.


Write on the label the name of the tea / infusion, punch a hole in the top of the card.


Thread through the twine and wrap around muslin bag, tying a small bow to finish.


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