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Over the past number of years I have been collecting books about various types of sewing and crafting, with a large focus on how to sew dolls and softies, so I thought I would pull out a few that I really liked, for one reason or another and chat about them here on my blog.

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp is one of those books, every now and then it pops off the bookshelf and I delve back into it, initially to see how basic rag doll and teddies are made but more recently to look at the breakdown of the pattern structure and make up explanation.

What is interesting about this book is it focuses on one really simple pattern, includes the pattern at the front of the book and then takes you through tracing the pattern, adding the seam allowance, right through to the finished item. Then it goes on to show you how to create 16 different dolls and softies with this basic body shape.

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp retro cr

This is done through material choices, ear shapes, faces, clothing, all of which are covered with really clear and concise instructions, detailed drawings, all broken down chapter by chapter. The book is a treasure trove of information for the basic beginner and also for a seasoned sewer, because sometimes when you know how to do something second nature it can be difficult to then break it back down again.

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp retro cr

If you can get your hands on this book I definitely recommend buying it as a resource for your craft library. It was printed in 1995, so it is quite an old book, and this is definitely reflected in the materials and colours chosen for the sample images in the pictures, some of them are quite dated, but looking past that and with a little imagination Rona has written a great toy making book covering the basic principals.

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp retro cr

Once the beginner sewer has mastered all the basics, then the only limitation is the imagination, Lions, Tigers and Bears no less 🙂

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp retro cr

My favourite is the little puppy dog shown in the image below, dressed to impress for various occasions.

Sew Toys by Rona Kemp retro cr

To buy Rona’s book I would suggest doing a Google search as I have come across copies on E-bay and various other online retail bookshops.

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