I made these cute little christmas stocking for my puppies’ Christmas morning treats. Once I saw the cute pet inspired material over on Sew Crafty’s online shop I knew immediately what I was going to make with it. I have attached the  Small Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern below, it is printed on A4 paper, you can of course make the stocking bigger if you want by printing the pdf on A3 paper in a print shop.

Tools:Sew Crafty Design Team

  • Scissors (paper & material)
  • Pins
  • Chopstick
  • Tailor chalk pencil blue
  • A4 printer & paper
  • Sewing machine


  • Cotton 1/2 metre/ yard patterned (will make 2 plus stockings)
  • Cotton 1/2 metre / yard plain (will make 2 plus stockings)
  • Gutermann machine sewing thread (match colour to the material)
  • 4″ / 10.25 cm of bias binding, colour to match the outside material of the stocking. Amount listed for 1 Christmas stocking only, please add in extra lengths as required.

Download the pattern click here.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

To Make:


Download the pattern linked above and print at 100% on an A4 sheet. Cut out the pattern with the paper scissors. This pattern includes a 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut out the amounts listed on each of the pattern pieces. Transfer the markings onto the lining of the christmas stockings only. Place the plain and the pattern sides of the sock right side to right side, repeat on the other side. Pin along the top only, as shown in the image below.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Machine sew along the top line only, on both socks. Fold the bias binding in half and machine sew closed along the length.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Open up the two sets of stocking sides and press the seams flat, either with an iron or between your fingers. Place one couple socking on the table, right side facing you. Place the second socking over the first stocking with the wrong side of the material facing you. Match up the seams at the centre and start pinning all the way around.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Pay attention to the markings on the lining side of the stocking, this area should be be left un-sewn to allow for the stocking to be turned right side out.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Fold the bias binding in half and insert between the stocking material on the patterned side, line up the un-sewn edge of the bias binding to the edge of the material. This will create the loop to hang up the stocking, make sure it is at the back of the sock and as close to the top as you can get it. Once you are happy with the position pin in place.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Machine sew all around the stocking, leaving a 1/4 seam allowance. Note: do not sew the marked area closed or you will not be able to turn your stocking right side out. The finished snip into the heel and the curved area at the front of the foot to allow for ease of turning. Be careful not to cut through the line of sewing.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Using the chopstick turn the stocking right side out.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Line up the un-sewn area and machine sew closed.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Push the plain side of the material into the patterned side of the material, again using the chopstick to smooth out the edges gently.

Small Christmas Socking Sewing Pattern

Press around the opening and the stocking. The little stocking is now ready to fill and hang 🙂

Small Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern

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