The Belle & Boo Book of Crafts is an absolute must have book for your craft library. As it says itself it has twenty five enchanting projects to make for children, the projects span from aprons to headdresses, softies to mobiles and they are all just wonderful

The projects are all reminiscent of childhood days, where huts had to be built, tea parties to be had in the wildest of meadows, and fierce pirates to be fought, this book is a absolute gem with buckets of craft ideas.

The only drawback is I would love to make all of them. But if I had to pick three they would be:

The Quiet Book – there is quite a bit of work in it but the results are just worth it, this particular make is covered over eight pages in the book with oodles of details and pictures.

The Belle & Boo Book of Crafts Quiet Book pages

The Hopscotch Mat – is a much quicker make, and I just love it because it reminds me of playing hopscotch when I was a kid. Back then though we used the pavement or playground and chalk to create our play area.

The Belle & Boo Book of Crafts hopscotch mat pages

The Hot Air Balloon Mobile – unlike the other two projects mentioned is a paper craft and is very simple to make. Using paper scissors, glue and an embroidery hoop you will be able to make the dreamiest mobile, of course I am partial to cute clouds but staring at the images in the book took me away to an afternoon spent floating in the clouds aboard my own air balloon.

The Belle & Boo Book of Crafts hot air balloon pages

Again, this is a great book to have in your craft library, even if you just flick through it for inspiration.


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