Make our cute little knitted bunnies from this quick and easy pattern. Each bunny is 9 1/2″ tall.

Knitted Bunny Pattern

What you will need:

  • Aran weight wool, in two different colours
  • Size 5 knitting needles
  • Craft filler
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Safety eyes – these are optional, you can also use buttons or sew on the eyes

Click on the image below to enlarge the pattern details. The whole bunny is knitted in the stocking stitch which is a line of purl stitch followed by a line of knit stitch, this gives you smooth results on the front and a bobbly back.

Knitted Bunny Pattern

Once you have your bunny knitted, starting from the top of the ears sew the seams together, join up the body seam along the back and sew down towards the legs.

Note : leave a small space unsewn for stuffing the bunny.

Join up the legs in a similar fashion to the ears.

Sew the arms together also along the seams. Leave the top of the arms open for stuffing. The top of the arm is in the section the same colour as the bunny sweater.
knitted bunny

Knitted Bunny PatternTurn the bunny pieces right side out.

At this stage if you are using the safety eyes, or the buttons insert into position at the front of the face.

Stuff the bunny body and arms with craft filler.

Sew up the back of the bunny.

Sew the arms in position towards the top of the sweater.

Do a running stitch around the neckline of the bunny and gently pull to give the neck area definition.

knitted bunny

Finally, sew in a small nose at the front of the bunny. Also if you did not use safety eyes or buttons, now is the time to sew in simple eyes.

knitted bunnies

This pattern is for the grey and cream bunny. The green and cream bunny follows the same pattern but has different stitches on the sweater section.

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