Yellow felt (moon)
Brown felt (bear)
Cream felt (bear nose)
Blue felt (bear trousers & stars)
Yellow, blue, black & brown embroidery thread/floss Craft filler


Printer to print out the pattern on A4 size paper

Scissors, paper & material
Sewing needle

To Make:

Cut out the paper patterns and pin each pattern to the felt colour of your choice. Cut out the amounts of the felt as specified on the pattern. (See image above)


Using 2 strands of the matching embroidery thread/floss whip stitch the two pieces of felt together, taking note to leave the area marked for stuffing unsewn.

Stuff the moon with the craft filler. Finish whip stitching the open area.

Link to whip stitch instructions:


Taking 2 strands of the matching embroidery thread/ floss and using a running stitch place the two pieces of star felt together and join.

Repeat on the next 4 stars.

Link to whip stitch instructions:


Moon & Stars:

Using 2 strands of the matching embroidery thread/ floss to the stars, stitch two sets of the stars together leaving a length of thread between each star.

You will now have two stars, one star and two stars.

Stitch each set of the stars to the base of the moon as shown in the image above.

Leave a length of the thread from the top of each star to the base of the moon to allow the stars to hang at varied lengths.

Twilight Bear:

  1. Separate the front and the back of the bear felt pieces and lay them out as shown in the image above.

  2. Whip stitch the bear feet to the base of the trousers with 2 strands of the blue embroidery thread/ floss.

  3. Whip stitch waist of the trousers to the base of the bear with 2 strands of the blue embroidery thread/ floss.

  4. Taking the nose circle whip stitch appliqué to the centre front of the bear face, using 2 strands of the brown embroidery thread/floss.

  5. Using the face patten as a guide, satin stitch the nose onto the centre of the nose felt section followed by a running stitch for the mouth.

  6. Satin stitch the eyes into place.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 above on the back of the twilight bear body.

Place the front of the bear and the back of the bear together and line up. Pin if necessary.

Make sure the front of the bear is facing you.

Whip stitch the bear around the circumference, using the thread colour matching the section you are sewing.

Leave a side section of the trousers unsewn as marked on the pattern. Stuff the bear and whip stitch the area closed

Link to the satin stitch instructions:


You can sew the bear on to the moon and attach a ribbon to the top and turn it into a hanging mobile.

Or leave each section separate to be use as story telling sections.

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Twilight Bear & The Giggle Bug Story Time

Twilight Bear sighed; he had been sitting on the moon for as long as he could remember.

Recently, he spotted a small far away planet.

Twilight Bear was so lonely he wished he could visit the far way planet.

On the far away planet a Giggle Bug was sitting in a very large, dark, leafy tree.

The Giggle bug was giggling very loudly, she was giggling very loudly because she was afraid.

Earlier that morning, after a breakfast of sausages, Giggle Bug went for a flutter.

Fluttering was Giggle Bug’s favourite thing to do in the whole world.

Which is exactly what she was doing when she spotted a tiny kitten running through the forest.

“What fun,” she thought, “a friend to play with.”

Following the kitten into the forest, the Giggle Bug fluttered as fast as she could, but she could not catch up with the kitten.

Suddenly the kitten was nowhere to be seen.

Giggle Bug stopped fluttering and looked around.

It was only then she noticed she had flown deep into the forest.

Giggle Bug was LOST and when Giggle Bugs are lost and afraid they giggle very, very loudly.

So loudly, that her giggles travelled out from the far away planet, into space and up to the moon where Twilight Bear was sitting.

Twilight Bear sighed, if only he could visit the far away planet and see who was doing all the giggling, it sounded like they were having so much fun.

Twilight Bear had been lonely for such a long time, tears dropped from his eyes and landed on one of the stars just below the moon.

The star opened her eyes, and looking up she saw the sad bear.

“Why are you so sad little bear?” the star asked.

Twilight Bear, surprised, looked at the star; “I’m just so lonely I would love to visit that far away planet where all the giggling is coming from.”

“Then make a wish on me; don’t you know we stars can make wishes come true?”

One wish later, Twilight Bear was standing in front of the Giggle Bug.

Giggle Bug giggled.

Twilight Bear smiled.

It was only then Twilight Bear noticed the tears in Giggle Bug’s eyes.

“Why are you crying and laughing at the same time?” Twilight Bear was very confused.

“Because I’m afraid and lost,” Giggle Bug giggled.

“Don’t be afraid I can help. You see those stars up there,” Twilight Bear pointed to the moon and all the stars around it.

“Yes,” Giggle Bug smiled.

“Those stars are very special, you just have to make a wish and it will happen”.

The Giggle Bug stopped giggling and fluttered over to where Twilight Bear was standing.

“Hi I’m Giggle Bug”.

“I’m Twilight Bear”.

Giggle Bug smiled.

Twilight Bear smiled back, “would you like to sit and talk for a bit?”

“Oh yes, I love making new friends.”

Together they chatted for the whole day until it started to get dark and it was time for them both to go home.

Twilight bear was so happy and a little sad the day had to end.

“Do you think you can visit again tomorrow?” Giggle Bug asked.

“Most certainly,” Twilight Bear replied.

One wish later Giggle Bug was safely tucked up in her bed, looking out at the night sky, and Twilight Bear was back on the moon looking down at the far away Planet, happy to be no longer lonely, not with stars full of wishes and a new Giggle Bug friend.


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